When I first saw you,
I was afraid to meet you.
When I first met you,
I was afraid to kiss you.
When I first kissed you,
I was afraid to love you.
But now that I love you,
I'm afraid to lose you...

Whatever you do,
whatever you say,
my feelings for you will always stay.
'Cause I just can't forget you.
Even if I trie so hard
you will always be
in my mind,
in my heart
and in my soul.
I love you and you are all that matters to me.
And I never felt like this before.
I'm just in love,
so hopelessly...

Somebody, somewhere dreams of your smile
and I know in your presence that life is
worth while.
So when you feel lonely
remember it's true, somebody somewhere
is dreaming of you.

My thoughts are messing up my brain,
nothing is anymore the same.
What kind off power is going on?
It's like a riddle what never can't be done.
No control over my feelings and brain,
it's making me insane.
They say there is one kind of power who can do those things to you,
and that is love, a love so true.

The silent dropping of a tear,
no sound of an inside fear.
The feeling of a broken heart,
the fight when your falling apart.
All of this you can't stand above,
when you enter the game of love.

Remember the night,
the moment shared.
Remember the light
and how we cared.
Remember the moon
and how it shown.
Not a moment too soon.
Oh, how close we had grown.
Remember the sound,
nothing in sight.
Nothing around,
only the light.
Remember the air
we breathed in deep.
We had not a care,
nor a reason to weep.
Remember the moment shared.
Remember the light.
Remember how we cared.
Remember the night.
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