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I've read lots of poems,
I've listened to lots of love songs,
but every time I think of you
everything goes wrong.
After all this time,
I can't seem to realize...
that you're gone forever,
nevermore to look into my eyes.
I see couples together,
I see my friends falling in love,
it made me realize...
that you're all I'm thinking of.
There's nothing I can do
to make you come back.
My pain is deeply piling
into a big stack.
Never will you know...
how much I really cared.
Never will you be here
to see all the things I want to share.
I'd give up anything to have this love again,
I really want to say: "I love you."
But where are you right now
to know my feelings are true?
You ran away...
so far from here.
Just to not see my face...
I can see that so clear.
You never gave me a chance,
nor did you ever open your heart
to know how badly I was hurt...
the day you told me we had to part.