Of all the friends I ever met,
you're the one I can't forget.
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to heaven
and wait for you.
I'll give the angels
back their wings
and risk to lose everything.
Just to prove
my friendschip is true.
To have a friend
just like you!

When daylight ends
and the night draws closer
often I simply close my eyes
and start to wonder
what lies beyond
those darkened skies.
I drift past the moon,
towards the starlight.
And I can't help asking myself
why those stars shine so bright.
One shines for love.
One shines for peace.
One makes people happy.
But the brightest one of all is special.
Because that star is watching over me.
It takes away my pain.
Keeps me safe.
And lights my path,
whatever road I take.
Now I would like to ask that star,
to look out for a friend of mine.
Because I can't protect her anymore.
Thus, I'm asking you,
to spare a little of your time.
Not simply out of love
or just because she's pretty.
Just believe it when I say:
"This girl is rather special to me."
So please my friend, take care of her.
Protect her from all pain and tears.
Be her guide and keep her safe.
Like you have kept me
for so many years.
And when she gazes up to the heavens
to look upon you, my special star.
Please let her know you are watching over her
and shine your light upon her heart.
And if she wonders what that light may be
I hope she cares for you,
because she never cared for me.